Nature Photography - Why Buying Professional Nature Photography Adds Value

picEvery professional photographer knows that the best way to succeed in the photography field is to give his/her clients value.  While taking photographs is something almost anyone can do these days, a professional possesses the “sixth sense”, the intuition to know exactly what angle, light, detail or color will make the difference in conveying a special message.

Specifically, nature photography is a field where, besides the obvious beauty of nature, a professional photographer knows how to connect its life to the reality of human beings.  Nature is a living organism, and as such, it goes through phases, stress and calm; and all those changes have a meaning that the photographer understands how to capture with a lens.     

Nature photography can become abstracts, botanicals, landscapes, floral, trees, shells, insects, birds, water, sand or Zen; it can become a mood, a feeling, an effect or a statement.  This is what a professional photographer knows, sees and captures, it is the meaning behind a desert bathed in the last light, with its shadows engraved on the rock, it is the character of a waterfall dominating the surroundings with its almighty force and gentleness at the same time, it is the secret behind the most vivid and true colors that will never be matched by any man.

picProfessional nature photography is a gift; it allows us to bring into a living space an endless moment of peace, light, harmony, beauty, perfection, insight and wisdom.  Nature photography is all about the perfect instant, to be there and recognize it as THE special moment that can be set in an image, it is to know when a photograph will be worth more than a thousand words because it is portraying life and thus, it comes alive. 

The photographer can play with an image; highlight its details, present different angles and capture different lights in order to enhance a meaning and make it understandable for different audiences.  A child, a teenager and an adult will see and feel a completely different thing when looking at the same photograph of a tree in autumn, a forest in the mist or a field of flowers.  The photographer knows the message is not his/hers; he/she is just the channel between a special moment and the person for whom it was meant, this is why he knows what to look for, what conveys the meaning a client is looking for.

picIf you want to really use nature photography as an interior design element with lots of value, look for that special photographer who is able to, not just see, but also feel, while capturing an image, only then will you ensure your space is full of meaning, balance and beauty.  There must be a reason to include nature photography as a decoration element, and it must be honored and given the place it deserves.

Byron Jorjorian specializes in nature photography.  He has been capturing the life of nature for over thirty years with the intention of bringing it closer to everyone.  Guests at hotels, patients at hospitals, clients at restaurants, corporations and banks, visitors to galleries and magazine and book readers, have all had the pleasure of enjoying and learning from Byron’s talent.

Among his galleries you will find a wide array of nature photography topics, angles and perspectives that speak without words, trick the eye, challenge the mind; that portray beauty, love, magnificence, peace, strength, frailty and balance, but most of all, show us life at its best, without judgment, fear and unfairness.

In these current times, dominated by materialism, hatred and lack of compassion, it is important to bring nature into our lives and into our spaces, to remember what living in harmony is all about.  This is why; Byron Jorjorian’s nature photography is committed to working with trade professionals to assist them in every project, be it small or large.  Our mission is to help you make your job easy and meaningful, by creating spaces that look, feel and come alive with meaning.

picTake some time to peruse Byron Jorjorian’s services and package of benefits for trade professionals and give us the chance to be a part of a major project, to bring back the power of nature to the people through amazing nature photography.  We are available to talk to you by any means and at any time, so contact us; please do not hesitate to talk to us about your questions and concerns, we are here to support you on the job of making nature photography a main element of your interior design projects.

Whether your desire is to purchase one or several images from the galleries or to talk to us about a special project, in the end, each image will include a certificate of authenticity and will be signed by Byron, confirming the high quality of your investment.  You can confirm how easy the process of buying is here, order information.

We invite you to browse our website, Byron Jorjorian Nature Photography to confirm Byron’s sensibility towards nature and towards those special moments that surround us but sometimes we overlook. Check us in the news and register, to start enjoying all the benefits and quality we offer.