Photos for Decorating - What Does the Anatomical Knowledge of the Brain Has to Do With Photos for Decorating?

picWell, even though interior designers and photographers have nothing to gain from a brain surgeon’s experience, the creative process that accompanies both of these artistic activities and, of course, their final products, surely benefit from the knowledge of the principles of the so-called brain function lateralization. 

Simply stated, brain function lateralization refers to how each hemisphere of our brain, the left and right, process information in completely different manners.  Through the right side, we feel emotion, use our imagination and dream; while through the left side, we talk, think and analyze. 

Although most of you may know this, not many know how to use this knowledge to enhance the creative process and apply it to your work.  In the interior design business, this means you will better express your vision through color, textures, details, sensations and even photos for decorating.

Remember that, consciously, we can only process information from one side of the brain at a time, and even though we are able to go back and forth between sides very easily, this is not a very productive brain operation technique.  Eventually, one side of the brain takes the lead over the other, giving conscious priority to some information and discarding the rest; this includes everything we see, providing a great advantage to the left side over the right.

The right side of the brain takes the lead when the left one gets bored, and this is when emotion and creativity arise consciously before the left side takes back the control and establishes order again.  This right side feeds the interior designer and photographer’s work, enhancing intuition, sparking creativity and generating emotion.  The left side worries about the balance, structure and composition aspects of the job.

picIf your desire is to inspire a feeling, create a mood, or communicate an emotion, you must possess a strong connection with the right side of your brain, otherwise, color is just a tone, texture is just a surface, and the photos for decorating that you choose, will be just frames with an image inside; you will be neglecting the meaning that these, and every other element in the space, should convey.

You cannot expect people to be moved by color, angles, or a bunch of photos for decorating, if you do not care, if you do not feel awe, relaxation, inspiration, power, humbleness or happiness for your creation. 

The secret is in bypassing the left side of the brain to let the right side rule during the times you need your intuition and inspiration to work.  To do this, when you are in the phase of feeling the space, forget about composition, structure and balance, and simply savor the moment you spend in the room.  Feel what can be done there, what it was built to do; be present in the moment, awaken all your senses and listen, smell, touch, see and taste everything you can.  Let the space talk to you, do not put any words between its walls.  You do this by stopping your thoughts.  Do not expect anything, be receptive, let your mind run free and wild, if you force it, the left-brain will take control again.

picOnce you feel IT, take your time.  Do not rush to action; because the initial impulses are so strong that these only make sense in this state; later, no one will get it.  So, once there, ask yourself why is it that you thought of that, what got your attention, what emotion you are feeling, what do you want to convey with the space and what elements of your inspiration contribute to the message that you want to transmit.  Answer out loud, in this way, the left side will grab it and execute the images.

After these considerations, start thinking about the tools you possess that emphasize these elements, consider what kind of background you need to achieve the message, maybe you need simplicity, relaxation, action, practicality; define what will communicate the feeling better.  At this point, you are creating a concept, which is a process ruled by the left side of the brain.

If you do not move from the right side to the left side, you will create spaces loaded with personal emotion but with little significance to your clients.  You must translate your passion into something others will relate to, otherwise any colors, textures or photos for decorating you select, will not accomplish anything.

Once you learn to coordinate your brain hemispheres, you will achieve high creative energy that hits the target, and you certainly have the brains to do it!

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