Photos Decorating - Using Abstracts as Photos in Decorating

picWhen hearing the word abstract in photography, many people relate it to objects that are not recognizable.  Even well known photographers have stated that if something is clearly identified as an object, it is not an abstract.  This may lead to the conclusion that abstraction is dependent on the viewer, as you may recognize the image and someone else may not, when in reality, there is something much deeper going on.

The term abstract photography was first used in 1916 to describe images that emphasize the form and the structure within.  During this time, the work tended to conceal the identity of an object in order to highlight its form and structure.  This initial period gave birth to the idea that abstract photos should not show objects as they really are; even dictionaries and books define the term abstract in art as “achieving its effect by form and color rather than by realism”, or these state that “an abstract image is meant to make you wonder what you are looking at”, or still “an abstract image only represents its own form”.

What we may conclude from these ideas is that abstract photography does not try to capture something that is identifiable, but wants to focus on the components of a given object as main subjects.  This brings a lot of richness when talking about photos in decorating, however, does it mean that if we are able to identify the object on the photo, that image is not an abstract?

Abstract of trees reflecting in the surface of a river in the fallSeveral nature photographers think of abstraction as utilizing the lines and shapes of a certain object to showcase pure design, but this doesn’t mean that if an image can be labeled it is not an abstract.  In fact, it can just be a different kind of abstract.  In this sense, abstraction is seen as the ability to recognize the basic building blocks within an object and be able to arrange them in a pure design.  The result will be a very original way of presenting an object at its deeper level, thus, sometimes making it unrecognizable, but never invalid.

The value of abstract photos in decorating is endless.  The ability and openness to play with lines, shapes, colors and forms, provides an array of possibilities that challenge the senses in incredible ways, bringing interest, awe and magic into the interior design equation.  In the end, abstract photography could be a way to go back to the basics, and from there, bring back a new way to look at life and to remember what it is made of. 

picNevertheless, and although many may still consider that a true abstract should be completely unidentifiable, the truth is that the concept of abstraction is in itself abstract, and a valid idea is to try to intrigue the mind and the senses by presenting objects from a more intimate point of view, thus, adding much vibrancy and interest to photos in decorating.

Here, we present you a collection of abstracts that are specially envisioned to surprise and enchant as photos in decorating.  These are a part of Byron Jorjorian’s photography artwork, a nature specialist with more than thirty years of experience in capturing nature’s essence to bring it closer to the public.

As you can see, his abstracts are based on a close intimacy with the object to honor its lines, shapes, colors and forms, and to recognize these as basic elements of every kind of life.  Byron goes deep into the understanding of nature to show us how its natural wisdom can bring beauty out of chaos.  In nature nothing is arranged or planned, and still, everything comes out as it should be, and it is perfect. 

This is the treasure you gain when you consider using Byron’s photos in decorating.  We account for thousands of images within our galleries.  Besides the abstracts that allow your imagination to fly high, Byron offers you nature in all its phases through the eye of someone who understands how the viewer can relate to a peaceful waterfall, an arid desert, a calming flower field, a wild look or a heavenly sky.

picWe offer trade professionals the chance to work with us with an incredible package of benefits and services to capture images that relate intimately to your projects and to give photos in decorating a new meaning.  Forget about hanging pictures on a wall just to balance a room or to add color; think beyond structure and composition, and discover what really brings life into a space and what will truly touch the soul of its users.

We are just a phone call, email or message away; contact us, and let’s begin planning your next project’s photos.  Give us your ideas and we will capture them in a unique way, or browse the website, Byron Jorjorian Photography, to find what you need among our galleries.  We have so many beautiful photos that you may find your solution right there.  Each one of Byron’s images possesses an authenticity certificate and is signed by him, in order to confirm the value of your investment and his commitment to giving you the best of his talent.

Whether you select images from his interesting abstracts or from any other category, we are here as your support in regards to finding the perfect photos… the perfect way to communicate your message