The Trick to Combining Fine Art Prints With Minimalist Décor

Many interior designers and decorators advise their customers to go the minimalist way when talking about different kinds of spaces, but especially when dealing with small areas such as apartments and guest houses.  Automatically, the person assumes that minimalist means nothing on the walls, as he or she thinks color will completely eliminate the minimalist décor principle, but read this clearly and repeatedly: nothing is farthest from the truth!

In reality, fine art prints fit the minimalist décor to the bone.  Color is not banned from this style, on the contrary, if anything, fine art prints add character to the space and enhance the minimalist mood so that it does not look ignored. The magic trick is to know how to select the perfect fine art prints to fit the room.    

And how do you choose the perfect fine art prints?  Well, very simple.  Select an artist, a professional photographer you admire, and choose a few of his prints, some that are closely related in topic and style.  At a minimalist décor ambience, these fine art prints will grab almost all the attention; this is why you must be careful so as to avoid the prints competing against each other.  For example, if you look at Byron Jorjorian's fine art prints, you will notice that his theme is nature photography.  You can browse the galleries and choose the ‘Florals’, the ‘Zen’, or the ‘Seashells & Starfish’ category and pick three or four prints all related to one of these themes:

Byron Jorjorian    Byron Jorjorian     Byron Jorjorian  

But be careful if besides being minimalist, the decoration is strictly modernist.  In this case, the fine art prints you select must represent the same era as the furniture; otherwise the artwork will look out of place.  In any case, try several options and feel what looks good and makes the space vibrate.  You will find what fits, in the end.

Minimalist is not a synonym of subtle; you can add lots of color to a minimalist décor and add fine art prints to help unify the space.  In order to select fine art prints that work with multiple color rooms, you must remember that these will merge together the different colors in the space, and a professional photographer like Byron Jorjorian can recommend the best prints for the color scheme you are working with.

When the furniture in a room is very attractive, the fine art prints’ mission is to offer visual interest so that the room doesn’t sink with all the attention going down to the furniture pieces.  However, keep in mind that if the colors around the room are very strong and abundant, the prints must be kept simple, showing one contrasting color in a very organized way:

Byron Jorjorian   Byron Jorjorian   Byron Jorjorian   

The right fine art prints give rhythm to a colorful décor composition.  The yellow floral prints above suddenly make sense out of a green wall, orange sofa and purple table lamps, suddenly; you realize all the colors of nature fit together in any space, is just a matter of finding the right way to relate them.

There is beauty in simplicity, be it in a minimalist décor style, in the selection of fine art prints, or in nature itself.  Take this into account when selecting the artwork that will beautify your space, and you can never go wrong. 

And, of course, there is always invaluable professional advice.   Byron Jorjorian's galleries are full of vibrant fine art prints to fit any kind of space you are decorating or designing.  We have designed a work platform for Trade Professionals, taking into account every aspect of their work and needs in order to offer them a high quality art photography option to enhance any kind of project, be it big or small.

Byron’s art works perfectly for minimalist projects. His colorful close ups, his peaceful details, and his exploration of angles, offer ample options to mix and match images that share the same subject and style while providing an interesting and eye-catching composition.  We are always adding new fine art prints to increase the possibilities and to find new ways of communing with nature right from home, the office, or any other place a person happens to be.

You can see what we are up to in our blog; we are always adding new and valuable information. You can learn what we stand for, and how Byron views his art and passion.    

Just take the time to explore our website, the galleries full of color, of mystery, of peace, of power, of harmony and of love, and let's talk about your needs, your ideas, your projects, and how we fit in there, how can we assist you in making them a reality and in reaching the ones for whom we, you and us, exist, the people out there who want to experience the perfection and beauty of nature in their everyday life activities, while they eat, sleep, work, play and relax.