So, What Are You Really All About? -Asked the Client

Commonly, when a photographer is asked about the kind of photos he or she shoots, they start talking about a variety of themes and subjects.

Most professionals have different interests and are obviously drawn to many diverse subjects.  You can see this tendency very clearly in photography students, whose excitement tends to pull them in many directions, some even contradictory among them.  This is a great way to practice photography and all its many angles and possibilities, and we know there are tons of amazing things to photograph out there; however, no one has the time to devote to all of them and also, it is not so great when creating an impressive portfolio, as a broad spectrum normally leads to a weak presentation card.

It is important that professional photographers find a way to focalize their work by defining a main theme, like for example, art nature photography, and within this broad theme, develop special portfolios for the sub-themes that inspire them the most. This could be: florals, water, trees, abstracts, insects, the ocean, botanicals, landscapes, wildlife, skies, etc.  The above is actually a great real-life example taken from Byron Jorjorian. He specializes in fine art nature photography and his portfolio needs no further explanation.

The photographer is an artist, thus, it is important that he identify what really matters to him in order to focus on what makes him passionate and thus, makes him and his portfolio excel.  Defining a theme for the portfolio enhances the photographer’s sense of achievement and ability, presenting him as an expert in the topic and as someone who the clients know will deliver what he promised and will even do better.

Every image within a professional portfolio, be it about art nature photography or any other theme, has the same high quality.  Every image added to Byron’s portfolio is carefully studied for subject, light, composition, scale, and creative relevance and power.  As the photographer’s work evolves, so does the portfolio, substituting older images with new and better ones.  Editing and choosing can be challenging for the artist, however, if the photographer is not a good self-critic, the customer will be.

Nothing says ‘professional’ better than a focused portfolio, one where you can see the photographer has gone to great lengths to find new ways of looking, feeling and sensing the same theme, evoking a unique style and perspective, in other words, becoming an artist.

When art nature photography exposes what others are not able to see with their bare eyes, the photographer becomes an indispensable part of life, an explorer whose mission is to share with others the endless mysteries and wonders that are all around us and make life worth living. 

Byron Jorjorian, a professional with over thirty years of experience in art nature photography, lets his passion speak by itself.  As you can see, his impressive portfolio includes a dynamic, focused and brilliant variety of nature photographs that have been carefully selected to convey clear and compelling messages of peace, love, harmony, brilliance, life, joy, freshness, power, wisdom, simplicity, health, and strength, among others.

Our website has turned out to be a very practical and successful tool for reaching thousands of happy customers who wish to convey their special message to others through meaningful interior design and decorating projects.  We offer lots of information for Trade Professionals, showing them how interested we are in helping them make their job as easy as possible while maintaining the high quality that has taken us to where we are today.  Byron is available to discuss every possible option, be it in regards to his gallery images or to a special and unique project.

We welcome you to explore with us, to find the solutions you have been looking for, to discover a special way of saying the important things, and to get to know a professional photographer who really understands his art and how to make it meaningful to others. 

 Contact us and let us know about your next project, we are always on the look out for great opportunities to get Byron’s message out there, to make it fit within the realities of thousands of people who wish to be inspired, awed, and even shocked.  We are always willing to work hand in hand with interior designers and decorating fans who are looking for new ways to express themselves and who want to bring art nature photography inside living spaces. 

Do not wait any longer; open an account with us and experience all the benefits of working with Byron and his professional team.  We have an eye for detail. We learned from Byron himself. We understand your business is about communicating feelings and sensations, just like ours, and we are only as good as the art nature photography we offer, and that’s why we are one of the best!